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An Erotic Diet

There are a lot of legends about aphrodisiacs, some ancient love potions that increase male virility and inflame desire in females. Is it just a myth or do aphrodisiacs really work?

Aphrodisiacs have nothing to do with witchcraft potions. They are quite ordinary substances and their combinations. Therefore, it would be a mistake to expect that they will suggest some radical solution for your intimate problems. However, sometimes they bring positive results. Aphrodisiacs have double action. They stimulate nervous system increasing your tonus and sensuality and simultaneously provide a necessary reserve of “fuel”. Thus, they enhance sexual relations and introduce more emotions and colors to your sensations especially if you have already got tired with sex or work.

Despite their small effectiveness in comparison with medicines, aphrodisiacs possess a definite advantage. They can not cause any harm for your health, unless, of course, you are allergic to the substance you use. Aphrodisiacs do not afford any specific action that affects sexual function and therefore they can be used both by men and women with equal success. The only difference in the recipes for men is in larger amount of proteins necessary to produce seminal fluid, although additional proteins will do no harm for women either.

Moreover, any erotic-culinary creation can be tried by both of the partners, while the pills are usually taken secretly so that the partner would not think that you have some specific problems. Aphrodisiacs can be used not only according to their direct application, but also when you need to take off the effects of weariness or all at once have your strength back. As well, you have no need to be concerned much about their high energy value. Calories contained in aphrodisiacs are not ingested in the body in the form of fat, but are rapidly burned up with the large energy excretion.

Here are several simple and accessible “erotic” recipes.

All kinds of seafood are natural aphrodisiacs. They contain a large quantity of vitamins and minerals necessary for the work of nervous system and highly digestible proteins. Try crab meat, prawns, mussels or legendary oysters. All seafoods should be boiled not more than two or three minutes, while oysters are eaten raw.

Caviar also has a positive effect, either red and black one or roe of any other fish, such as capelin, pike, pike perch or Korean cod. However, it should not be very salty.

For those with a sweet tooth I recommend trying an eggnog with yolks, honey and a teaspoon of instant coffee. Coffee renders stimulating effect, while honey and egg yolk provide the person with the necessary energy.

Those who prefer traditional cuisine can use warm nonfat beef-tea or chicken stock with some pepper and celery. Hot spices stimulate nervous system, while celery improves vascular tone and blood circulation.

You can apply your imagination in the field of erotic cuisine and invent new self-made aphrodisiacs with your individual composition of all kinds of foodstuff. The main requirements for these aphrodisiacs are high digestibility and nutritional content. And, by the way, they should be made with a loving touch.

Perhaps, the most controversial question of the “erotic” diet are liquors. Small amounts of alcohol render stimulating effect and broaden the vessels, but soon alcohol decay products begin to inhibit the functioning of nervous system and, as a result, decrease erogenic zones’ sensitivity and excitability. You can drink a shot of cognac or a glass of dry wine, but not more than that. One should be especially careful with beer even if it is a nonalcoholic one. Hop plant used in the process of brewing possesses relaxing and tranquilizing effect. For this reason, beer contributes to hasteless heart-to-heart talks but would never encourage you for some amatory achievements.

However, as it has always been, the strongest “aphrodisiac” is love, mutual desire or at least sympathy. If your partner cannot attract you or there are some problems in your relationships, neither oysters nor a Spanish fly will help.

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