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Genitals Instead of a Face

Web-sites that provide various matchmaking and dating services are sometimes visited by a curious type of men. They do not place in their profiles a kind of erotic photo. They go further placing there images of the most intimate parts of the body, moreover, not necessarily of their own body. But what is the thing that leads them, an idea of self-expression or intention to provoke the audience? Do they really believe that such tricks will help them to attract a crowd of excited women?

Despite the wide-spread men’s opinion the vast majority of women demonstrate no interest in the sight of male genitals and some of the women even find this sight disgusting. This is one of the reasons why professional male strip-dancers almost never show the “full monty”. Sexual attractiveness of a man is presented not in his genitals, but in his physical and spiritual power and beauty, it lies in his ability to react immediately and to make firm decisions. In fact, discussing the “size” and the “thickness”, women usually mean the size of the brains and the thickness of the purse.

Psychiatrists call compulsive craving to demonstrate intimate details of the body in public an aggressive exhibitionism. Usually it is a hidden projection of the juvenile inferiority complex and an attempt to break prohibitions learned in the childhood. This phenomenon in some ways corresponds with deliberate abuse of obscene words and defiant writing them on the walls. However aggressive exhibitionism also can be a symptom of a serious mental disease, such as hysteria and schizophrenia. Of course, only some of the women who visit this kind of web-sites are familiar with special medical terminology. Usually they simply consider a man whose profile shows genitals instead of face a freak and do not pay attention to him.

As far as it goes to me, it often reminds me an episode which I once watched in one of our Russian TV channels. In the middle of live broadcasting of a talk show about a musical band one of the musicians took of his pants and went to the spectators seating, demonstrating his naked hind quarters to the large audience. I admired the immediate reaction of the hostess. She commented upon it with a phrase: “As we have seen, not only a member’s face can present a face of a band”.

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