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I Disdain Women…

I understood that by the age of 40 I have completely lost my hope in women as such. I can’t imagine a woman who would not regard money and sex as the most important thing in her life. You would never change her. She all the same will even concern and money and consider sex a sign of approval.

This brilliant statement was provided by one of our clients who was rather an adult man than a guileless stripling. I am not going to argue with him. This opinion deserves attention, if for no other reason than it is not a piece of speculation but a result of individual practice. It is very likely that all the women he met really belonged to this kind. The only question we need to specify then is why he preferred this type to all other varieties of women and why this type was the only one to be interested in him.

A friend of mine once told me that a man offers money to a woman only when he is afraid or unable to give her anything else. By all means, we live in a material world where ability to earn money presents one of the most important male characteristics, which is supposed to reflect one’s energy, flexibility and success. However, ability to earn money is not the only possible advantage of a man. Nowadays there are a lot of women who are able to earn their living. They would not sell themselves for money. They value men for some other features, such as strength, tenderness and sensuality, intelligence, creativity, responsibility and ability to take firm decisions. Probably, the author of the notorious statement has never tried to offer women anything from this list. That was the reason why he preferred those who valued money the most, taking it for the sign of man’s attention.

It reminds me a joke. What is the best thing a woman can give a man? It is the thing she can “put out”. Unfortunately, a lot of men are users in aspects of sexual relations. They take it for granted. A man is not supposed to give since he supposed to take. But it is a mistake. A man also can afford pleasure to a woman; he can give her his warmth and caress, or can’t he? Maybe, he is just unable to believe in his own powers or fails to understand her feelings and wants, and even does not know that. It is not surprising then, that he regards sex as an exchange, a way women pay him for his attention. Then, it is so easy to forget that sex also can be a way of getting mutual pleasure. Moreover, declaring sex as the only valuable thing you can to get from a woman leads to disregarding the rest of her features and merits. Thus, the women who are really capable of expressing their feelings and appreciation by some other means would avoid a man like that.

Our age of equal sexual rights supposes that there are both men and women who consider sex a payment vehicle. They disdain “Sams” and would never indulge in any romantic feeling, using men as an implement to content their bodily needs and wants. Some of them even do not mind paying money for that. The women like that also can take sex for the best way of appreciation and encouragement, but they would rather expect “sexual presents” for their good behavior than express their appreciation in a sexual way. Fortunately, this kind of women is a rare thing.

I have said recently that I am not going to argue with the author of the foregoing letter. I am just trying to explain why his relations with women went this way. This happened since he regarded money as the best way of expressing his concern, while sex represented for him the main way of appreciation. He developed an original filter that would accept only those women who were inclined to follow his system of values. As a consequence, he derived his disappointing formula “concern equals money; appreciation equals sex”, but by some strange reasons preferred to attribute that to earthly female instincts.

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