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Southern Spirits vs. Nordic Coldness

An opinion that nature endowed Southern men with sexual skills and abilities more generously than northerners is nothing more than a legend. Temperament is an extremely individual feature and does not depend on ethnicity or area of residence. Nevertheless, sexual behavior is regulated both by natural instincts and moral principles, cultural traditions and official law. In southern countries loud cries, wealth of byplay and ribald gesture that explicitly reflect sexual activity are considered a fine demonstration of healthy emotions and vital energy, while in Scandinavian countries it is simply regarded as mauvais ton. At the same time, in the US such a behavior may even land you in jail. Hence we have the myth of Southern insatiability and Nordic coldness. However, mental differences in this sphere concern not only public behavioral norms but even the most intimate questions including attitude to male and female sensuality.

Self-appraisal and male dignity of a western man seriously depends on his ability to impassion and satisfy his woman. For that reason representatives of the fair sex thoroughly imitate heavy orgasms if they want to win and retain the man or get something from him. Suchlike methods are widely practiced in the sphere of sexual services or in the career climb and sometimes even make a foundation for the family plot. There has been written an enormous amount of literature devoted to female orgasms and erogenic zones; however those who mainly write and read it are men, not women. Why do men so heavily concern themselves about niceties of female physiology? The answer is extremely plain. A woman that cannot have orgasm makes a European or American man feel like a debtor who is forward to pay off his best. Thus the woman that refuses to take sex as a man’s debt and expresses her willingness to share equal sexual pleasures with him attracts the man a lot. The main thing about it is to avoid reproaches and humiliating comments when something in his actions goes wrong and in delicate and patient manner explain him what he should do.

Mentality of the Southeast Asia represents a different type of consciousness which has nothing in common with the European one. For this reason attitude to sex is different for Europeans and Orientals. Of course, it would be naive to suppose that Tantra, Kamasutra and Tao of Love are included in modern Chinese or Indian school programs, but the mentality of these nations is still strongly influenced by their millenary traditions. In distinction from the European framework, oriental conception of sex does not resolve to mechanic stimulation of erogenic zones, although it can be rather skillful. According to Oriental tradition, sex is a confluence of male and female energy, Yin and Yang, which forms the basis of the Universe. Deep spiritual concentration indispensable for the process of gaining this unity should be obtained by both of the partners. Therefore, mere selfish repletion of sexual wants or altruistic self-sacrifice in favor of partners’ excitement and, all the more so, tricks imitating orgasm are absolutely inappropriate there. Prospects of feeling spiritual and energy unity look attractive for a lot of people. But, unfortunately, for the majority of the Europeans, who have not assimilated Oriental mentality at mother’s knees, this state remains unobtainable.

Harems were common not only for Muslims. They widely prevailed in Mesopotamia and ancient Judaea. In some African countries they are legal up to now. Arabian nights and Biblical Writings of Solomon may give a false impression that the lord of the harem would certainly be a tireless and ingenious lover who could easily bring every woman to ecstasy; however, in fact, this was not the case. Women in harems were meant to appease their master and to bear children. Nobody cared about their feelings and sensations. Sometimes women were even cut their clitoris so that selfish moods would not distract them from their duty. Moreover, in some harems it was eunuch who prepared the man for coition by some artful procedures, since the women were not allowed to touch their master at all. By these intricate means emotional and sensual interaction between a man and a woman was minimized and became unilateral. Nowadays these violent mediaeval customs lost their influence but that does not mean that the men, who were brought up in the society where disdaining of female sexual needs had been considered natural for thousands of years, may change their attitude to it at once.

Sexual compatibility is a ground for harmonic family relations. The compatibility in this context may mean both high mutual passions and relative mutual coldness. There are a lot of successful couples that do not regard sex as actual need and value. They state their relations on other grounds. However, when sexual wants of at least one partner are discontented both of the partners will be consigned to mutual reproaches and conflicts on the smallest pretence. Sexual disharmony and discontent may be caused not only by individual differences in innate spirits but also by some mental divergence. If you are not indifferent to sexual pleasures, you should pay close attention to it upon acquaintance with a foreigner.

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