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Questions and Answers
I have a question regarding the girls that I meet. I see that most girls that I come across tend to say that they want a family and children, quite quick and early on. Are they being genuine in their comments or it is some thing they say to impress the men? I am not sure and I do not know what to make of it. Please reply.

please help. I am female and 49yrs old. i would so much like to have a good relationship with a man and i love to sex up with a man but i have so many morals that are hindering me. i am a catholic and religion says that its wrong to do sex and i feel as if i am exploding. i so much need a man. what can i do please?

why do so many russian women want to come to the u.s. ?

every time I get intrerested in a russian girl she out of the clear askes me for money then never communicate back to me. How much are papers to visit the USA.?

I have heard Russian women can be very stubborn. To the point where they would rather be miserable and sad than to admit they were wrong especially in love. I ask as my fiance became upset and believed I was lying (which I was not) and decide to “move on” with her life. We still talk and I can tell she still cares very deeply for me, but she seems determined to be miserable than to work to fix things. Is this stubbornness normal in Russain women? I won’t give up on her. We lived together for almost a year in the Ukraine and were to be married. I don’t understand how she could give up so easy especially when I can tell she still loves me.

Dear Dr. Karamzin,How difficult is it for a Russian child to adapt to life in a foreign country? The child I am thinking of is l2 year old girl, she’ll be l3 if I marry her Russian mother, and would live in Southern California. I have been to Russia twice to see the mother and daughter. They live in a relatively small city. Southern California is very large and almost like a different planet than their small city. The daughter seems to like me, but she is a very quiet child. She is sensitive and cries easily. Her English is poor. I am very concerned about the morality of bringing her to the U.S. as a teenager and what I think will be many, many adjustment problems for her. I don’t want to hurt this child in any way, and am very concerned that taking her away from her Russian environment, even with her mother, might be harmful to her. Both she and her mother want to come here, both say they love me, but, as I said, I am really concerned about this child and want to protect her, to the extent that I will give up on the relationship with the mother and the daughter if I think that it is against the child’s interests in migrating to the U.S. at her age. What do you think? Thank you so much for your advice!

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I have a question regarding the girls that I meet. I see that most girls that…
Women , yes, want family early on and in this they are serious. When they come to international dating sites, they come to create a family. They are tired of games, of uncertainty; they want to have a strong family. And in any case, it is not interesting for most of them to have just virtual communication. As for children, it depends, I do not think that most women want to have children straight away. Most woman want first to adopt a bit to their new country and then have children. And of course such things are discussable. I doubt, there are many women who will agree to wait for children for 10-20 years. But below 5 years it is a thing for discussion.
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please help. I am female and 49yrs old. i would so much like to have a good relationship with a man and …
Yes, women after 30 need sex and need it also for their health. (Women before 30 also can need it, but it is strengthened when the woman come over the age of 30).
But what can I say to you? Stop thinking about your morals and think about your health and about your mood? Religion also says that we should bring happiness to people around us and we all know that it is impossible when you are unhappy. You know about religion much more than I.
Think why you have chosen this path – suppressing your desires. I know many catholic men and women who believe in God and they allow themselves feel and enjoy love and sex. Why have you chosen to suppress yourself, not to give you what you want (when it does not bring unhappiness to other people)? What does it give to you? Do you enjoy the feeling of superiority that you really can really suppress yourself, you can win over your body and emotions? Or do you enjoy the destitution as a means to prove to yourself- I can?
Sit and think what it gives you. And then sit and choose if you want this gain or enjoy of life –sex, love.

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why do so many russian women want to come to the u.s. ?
Hello Steve,
Usually women who are on the site just want to find a man for serious relationship. If they can’t find here, they apply at such agencies, hoping that it will broaden their search. They do not want to be alone. About one fifth of women who register find a man locally at the end and marry him. That’s why I can say that they are not looking specifically to leave Russia and go to another country. They have more chances with men from USA, there are a lot of men from there and they have more chances, though of course distance to USA frightens them a little. Many would prefer to marry closer (to western europe), But of course, you look here for a man, not for a country.
best regards,
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every time I get intrerested in a russian girl she out of the clear askes me…
Hello Don,

If you are looking for a Russian woman who can come to you to USA then you will always run into the scammers. All normal Russian women (and other Russian people) know that it is impossible to get papers to USA (no, of course, the girl can do it if she has a big factory in ownership or if she is a big scientist. But I doubt, such girls will need your money to come to USA. They can do it on their own without problems.
Your government does not allow Russian women in. Only if a man makes a fiancee visa for his bride.
If a Russian woman receives a message from a man asking her to come to USA, normal probably won’t answer, they do not understand how you can not know your own laws. Scammers use it and steal money from men.
If you want to meet a real Russian woman be prepared to come here and meet her in Russia.
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I have heard Russian women can be very stubborn…
It is not stubborness.
Very probably your fiancee is in one of her life scenario. She feels and shows how she is miserable, and she wants you to dance around and feel guilty. Reverse the roles. It is the only solution. Turn it on her. Tell her that you are in love with her, but show that you want to move on with your life. Do not try to justify your actions. Do not explain. Just change radically and show that you are ready to go from here. If she really love you (and I am sure that she does), she will quickly understands the way everything goes and change her way. Do not give up easily. Let her win you! Let her win your heart again! She needs this.
Every woman needs to feel that it is not a man who will dance around her, the life together is a dance of both partners. After she “wins your heart” talk about that situation where she thought you were lying. This time she will be more ready to listen.
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How difficult is it for a Russian child to adapt to life in a foreign country…
You are absolutely right. Despite its flexibility, adolescence is a hard age for adjustment. Being at the stage of self-actualization, teenagers would not miss a chance to demonstrate their strength and superiority to their counterparts. A girl stranger with sensitive and vulnerable nature will find it hard to match anything against them having no experience of life in the foreign country. Issue of language is not as troublesome. As a rule, children and teenagers, being introduced to a foreign linguistic environment, learn the language faster than adults. But there is another problem, which is much more serious. There is a fundamental difference between school system in US and Russia. The girl will have to adjust to a crucially different school program in the very middle of the educational process. But, on the other hand, all these problems can be solved successfully if the parents are willing to help, support and protect their child. Children can be happy only when their parents are happy. Sacrificing your happiness for the sake of the girl’s well-being will not inure to the child’s benefit.
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